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If you click the links within this article, we get money from the businesses discussed in this article, at no additional cost for you. It is possible to read the complete disclaimer here. Using Lightroom presets for meals is a great way a food blogger can stand out from the crowd! Lightroom presets are filters developed to bring out the best in your pictures. Using Lightroom presets specifically for food images, you can create your social media and site images pop. It is a simple way for recipe sites and cooking blogs — and lifestyle websites, mom websites & anyone who posts about food to get more clicks. Additionally, it is important that pictures of meals look as delicious as they’re in actual life! Listed below are a listing of the ideal desktop computer and mobile presets for food websites. Scroll down to the bottom of the listing to Discover How to use presets with Lightroom for desktop (requires an Adobe subscription — click for new users) or for cellular (that is free! ) ) . Top 60 Lightroom Presets for Food FoodKit Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets — If you’re searching for an entire collection of meals presets, then you’ll be delighted to know the FoodKit includes 42 different presets! The presets, for mobile and desktop, fall into 2 categories. The Art category Free Food Photography Lightroom Presets concentrates on coloring and style. The Adjustment category is useful if you want to make adjustments to your photos, such as correcting the lighting or bringing more detail. You will even find presets for specific foods such as biscuits and chocolate! Food Blogger Desktop & Mobile Presets — Separate your meals photography and social networking articles with these 6 Lightroom presets, for desktop and mobile. The Foodie Enthusiast Mobile Preset Collection — This selection of 50 Lightroom portable presets will enhance your food photos to create stunning images. You could also get these presets to get Desktop. Intelligent Tasty Mobile Presets — This bunch of 10 Lightroom Mobile presets functions good for Instagram along with bloggers. Contains Bright Tasty, Bright Tasty Contrast, Bright Tasty Warm, Vibrant Tasty Cold & Bright Tasty Bright. Food Lovers Mobile Lightroom Presets — These 15 lovely presets, made for Lightroom cellphone, include a warm and faded tone for photos. They work great for food bloggers and indoor shots. Brunching Lightroom Mobile Preset — This beautiful mobile preset operates for indoor and outside foodie pictures. It provides a gentle, creamy hue while brightening and improving colors. Food & Instagram Lightroom Presets — This package of 24 Lightroom presets (paid Adobe subscription required) generates a variety of looks to your own food pictures, such as warm, cool, soft, dim and bright

5 January 2021

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