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Digital Design for 3d printing workshop will teach how to create, edit and get your model ready for for 3d Printing. the best free tool for bigger is Tinkercad.
For level 2 we can use auto cad A360 (is free) or solid work if we can get the lic.

This is a starting point for all teachers and students who are not familiar with 3D design, and want to get started with a simple project that provides an overview of the Tinkercad environment and how to use the app.

Age : 12 years and up- Duration: 2 hours – participant: up to 10


    This workshop teaches you how to build your own wheelchair starting with the Toowheels project. Toowheels is the first DIY wheelchair, born from mixing designs from many skills in the maker world: www.toowheels.org. During this workshop we explain how to start designing your wheelchair using the Toowheels user manual.  You can customize the project for your needs, making your own wheelchair using simple materials and tools. At the end of the process you can use your chair and let your imagination improve it.  Repairs easily for any broken parts!

    Toowheels is a technical and economical answer to the problems of persons with disabilities. It is a sport wheelchair redesigned to be much easier to produce with CNC machines, and can be self-built aussi using a simple means do-it-yourself tools and materials, technology FabLab gold. It ‘was one of the 30 best projects in the Global Award 2014 and FabLab aussi selected in the ADI Design Index 2014. Toowheels: has a different technical approach in the frame and the production system, and ethics, which make the wheelchair easy chair do. This solution is brought to an extreme with the possibility of self-assembly meat has a completely self call made a gold. The chair design was developed in collaboration with athletes and experts in biomedical FabLab Torino, and is tested by players. Toowheels professional basketball is a response to the high price of sports wheelchairs: usually people or involved in Adaptive Sports Association-have difficulty in buying and enjoy activities, especially for beginners and amateur levels. This is one of the most significant problems slow the spread of the sport-therapy.

    Gujarat Technological university


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    • 4 Days
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