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DF-109A- Introduction to Minicut2D

Age: 5 and up – Duration : 2 hours –participant: 6


     Re-designing the access to CNC machines

    Today, digital fabrication becomes affordable. Most people would like to get a 3D printer or a CNC router on their desktop. But how to be creative with it? How to begin? How to teach with it? Which machine has a safe and fast process ? Which one is durable and easy to transport?


    Une conception aboutie.

    With the MiniCut2d, your ideas become reality in minutes. A hot wire is moved through the material and cut it like magic. A simple process for a powerful creativity machine. And because all of you have different skills, MiniCut2d offers different levels of use :

    • Drop shapes and letters from the library to make assembled projects.
    • Draw your project manually on a sheet of paper, take a picture, and cut your project.
    • Cut several pieces at once just by connecting them.
    • Copy pictures on Internet, or copy your screen, and cut them.
    • Cut several projects at a time with the wire cutting through multiple thicknesses.
    • Use DXF files to begin with CAD or use it as an expert.
    • Interact with SketchUp to become a 3D expert.
    • Find ideas and share your projects on a dedicated website.
    • Code your own drawing software.

    La créativité comme fil directeur.

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