FabLab Ajaccio

logo ajaccioFab Lab Ajaccio, Corsica is an association governed by the law of 1 July 1901 and the decree of August 16, 1901. Fab Lab Ajaccio brings together several public and private partners :


This association aims to:

• to create, manage and run according to the procedures defined by the rules of procedure, a workshop providing the public with digital manufacturing tools. This workshop aims to be a Fab Lab, ie a “Fabrication Laboratory” (in English “Fabrication Laboratory”), a concept derived and defined by the MIT in Boston, USA. Therefore, it will comply with the common Fab Charter.

• to promote public education, particularly through the development of analytical skills and design and manufacture or modification of technological or other objects;

• to promote the dissemination and transmission of skills and knowledge;

• facilitate technical innovation, economic, social and environmental as well as experimentation through practice;

• encourage responsible and sustainable actions in interaction with the technical environment, natural, economic and social;

• promote collaboration and mutual assistance, as well as crossover and transdisciplinary exchange (the arts, scientific, technical, cultural, etc.) and transgenerational;

• promote the use and contributions to computer science, hardware and open content;

• organize or participate in any type of event and event related to the issues discussed above.

His office is currently composed of:

  • Simone Amber, President of Fab Lab Ajaccio and Co-founder of Fab Lab Connect
  • Sébastien Simeoni, Vice President
  • Aude Foucault, Treasurer
  • Philippe Chiappe, Secretary



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