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We’re Closer to 3D Printing Anything

April 06,2016 / Education Fab Lab Machines News Technology / 0 Comments

We’re closer to a future where we can 3D print anything. We were promised sneakers and dinner at...


Toowheels Workshop Description

January 28,2016 / Education Fab Lab Ajaccio / 0 Comments

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION This workshop will teach you how to built your own wheelchair starting from...

Revolution in Art & Design using 3D Printing

Revolution in Art & Design using 3D Printing | Objet for Neri Oxman

January 28,2016 / Technology / 0 Comments

In this insightful interview below, Neri Oxman, the assistant professor of media arts and sciences...

fab academy 2016

Only One Day Remains! Apply For Fab Academy 2016!

November 26,2015 / Fab Academy 2016 / 0 Comments

Students in Fab Academy can earn certificates for specific technical components if they demonstrate...

FabAcademy at fablabajaccio

Build Your Own Machines and Be Your Own Mechanic!

November 25,2015 / Fab Academy 2016 Fab Lab Ajaccio / 0 Comments

We have more spaces available for Fab Academy 2016 at Fablab Ajaccio! Join us by filling the...

fab academy 2016

Fab Academy 2016 - Join Us!

November 24,2015 / Fab Academy 2016 / 0 Comments

Use our machines and tools to build your own machines and tools. Registration is now open, all the...

3D-printed interactive wearable reacts to ogling

3D-Printed Interactive Wearable Reacts To Ogling

September 29,2015 / Arts / 0 Comments

Credit: Behnaz Farahi The "Caress of the Gaze" 3D-printed garment has a hidden camera that has a...

Fab Lab Ajaccio Art Event

Fab Lab Ajaccio Art Event, Great Success!

September 26,2015 / Arts Event Fab Lab Ajaccio News / 0 Comments

Fab Lab Ajaccio had a great turn out for the artist event. Thank you all who attended! See...

Falla3d Replication


September 15,2015 / Event / 0 Comments

Fa)(a is a modular and scalable printer, able to print any material and entirely customizable...


La robotique et les objets connectés

June 02,2015 / Fab Lab Machines / 0 Comments

Liste du matériel à disposition   kits éducatifs robotiques de construction et...



June 02,2015 / Fab Lab Machines / 0 Comments

Liste du matériel à disposition  6 kits d'expérimentation Adafruit ARDX 11 kits...


Machine à coudre et à broder

June 02,2015 / Fab Lab Machines / 0 Comments

Rapide et précise, cette machine à coudre et à broder est idéale pour des ouvrages de...


Les MiniCut2D

June 02,2015 / 0 Comments

La MiniCut2D c'est quoi ? Une machine française qui permet de fabriquer des objets par...


Le plotter de découpe

June 02,2015 / Fab Lab Machines / 0 Comments

Un plotter de découpe c'est quoi ? Il s’agit d’une machine à commande numérique qui...


Les imprimantes 3D

June 02,2015 / Fab Lab Machines / 0 Comments

L'impression 3D c'est quoi ? Découvrons l'impression 3D from m4rylin Quelles sont...


Les fraiseuses numériques

June 02,2015 / Fab Lab Machines / 0 Comments

Une fraiseuse pour prototypage rapide à commande numérique. Cette imposante machine de...


La découpeuse laser

June 02,2015 / Fab Lab Machines / 0 Comments

Une découpeuse/graveuse laser c'est quoi ? La découpeuse laser (ou Lasercutter en anglais)...

Fab Lab Ajaccio Partner

Pierre Gattaz : "Le numérique, formidable opportunité pour la Corse"

May 15,2015 / Innovation News / 0 Comments

Pierre Gattaz sera aujourd'hui en visite en Corse. Dans l'entretien accordé à notre titre, le...

Fab Lab AJaccio

FabLab Corsica : A tool to better understand the digital revolution

May 13,2015 / Uncategorized / 0 Comments

Corsica will host its first Fab Labs!  A concept that already has 472 locations worldwide, the Fab...


Man Uses 3D Printer to Create “World’s Smallest” Power Drill

March 31,2015 / News Uncategorized / 0 Comments

Should you ever feel the need to carefully bore a hole through the top layer of skin on your...


Fab Lab Corsica Published in Corse Matin – February 11th, 2015

March 31,2015 / News Uncategorized / 0 Comments

Guy Charbit, general manager of the Credit Agricole in Corsica, announces the bank’s focus on...


Simone Amber: “Fab Lab Connect Produces Collaboration Between Labs”

March 31,2015 / Uncategorized / 0 Comments

Simone Amber from the MIT FabFoundation co-created the Fab Lab Connect platform that aims to fund...

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